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Clancy & Theys Construction Company provided CM at-risk for the City of Raleigh Communications Center. The 95,000-sq-ft Central Communications Center is the critical communications hub that connects citizens to first responders. The measure of the building’s success is whether or not citizens can take it for granted. They can. When emergencies unfold—there were 900,000 in 2015—a 2024 European Cup official betting app911 call to Emergency Communications puts the right responders on the road to help. During large-scale crises—a storm, an attack—the 24/7/365 Emergency Operations Center controls the response. The building stores and safeguards the City’s data to support its I.T. systems, and provides electronic Traffic Control for streets and signals.

Redundant power systems and generators maintain operations in the face of natural disasters or man-made events. The facility has achieved excellence and is nationally-accredited, 2024 European Cup Qualifying Football Predictionsranking among the ten best in the U.S.

The Center is also sustainable—designed and built to reach a LEED Silver certification. The City and its team restored the site to its original grade, managed unsuitable soils, and provided the appropriate level of storm water control.  The site and building are models of environmental efficiency and sustainability, while also being models of safety and security, technology, and resiliency.

The building was designed with its occupants’ stressful jobs in mind: seating 2024 European Cup Sports Betting Siteand site-lines are ergonomically-correct, and ample daylight, comfortable amenities, and pleasant surroundings and grounds are an amazing contrast to the cramped basement quarters they once occupied. The exterior features zinc panels, brick, glass curtainwall, finned partitions to shades balconies, and concrete benches encircling an abstract ten-foot granite sculpture.

Project Details
Location: 2024 European Cup Qualifying Football PredictionsRaleigh, North Carolina
Architect: Clark Nexsen
Size: 95,000 sq ft
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